A Diet Plan

The Celebrity Slim Program is based on replacing 2 normal meals each day with our delicious Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Shakes. The shakes are the mainstay of the program, but we will soon be introducing a range of other great Celebrity Slim products for you use as part of your weight loss journey. It’s all designed to make losing weight easier, tastier and something to celebrate!
Celebrity Slim Weight Management Capsules have been carefully formulated by clinical nutritionists who understand the difficulties you face in losing weight. Because successful weight loss is a complex process, Celebrity Slim Weight Management Capsules are specially formulated to help in 5 ways: 
- Suppressing appetite.
- Curbing sugar cravings.
- Increasing your metabolic rate.
- Increasing your ability to burn fat stores.
- Providing Folate to help boost your energy levels.

Directions for use: Take two capsules twice a day with food (or Meal Replacement products).
Celebrity Slim Weight Management Capsules are suitable for customers on the programme as a means for boosting weight loss progress, but they are also suitable for use on their own (for anyone currently not using other Celebrity Slim products).
The Celebrity Slim Food Diary is designed to help you keep track of your food intake whilst on the Celebrity Slim programme. Its compact size makes it easy to keep in your bag and take with you wherever you go.
Keeping a diary of everything you eat and drink can be a very powerful and motivating tool to help you reach their weight loss goals. You can plan out your daily food intake and it tends to make you more accountable and more likely to stick to your programme. If you are having problems with your diet, you can quickly review and make any changes you need to get you back on track.
Celebrity Slim Fibre sachets are a convenient, pleasant way to help maintain your daily fibre intake and assist with regularity while on the Celebrity Slim Programme. Celebrity Slim Fibre contains a nautral blend of soluble and insoluble fibre and has no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
The Celebrity Slim Fibre Pack contains 14 x 8g Fibre Sachets, which are conveniently packaged into individual servings - so there's no messy measuring involved. Simply add one sachet of Celebrity Slim Fibre into your favourite Celebrity Slim flavoured shake, add extra water (100ml), shake well and consume immediately.

Feeling peckish? The new Celebrity Slim Snack bars are the perfect snack to have between meals and after dinner if you feel like something sweet. These snack bars are portion controlled and you can have up to two per day without feeling guilty.

 Celebrity Slim Snack Bars are available in 5 packs or individually in four delicious flavours:

  •  Choc Mint Crunch
  •  Apple Crumble
  •  Choc Caramel Crunch
  •  Yoghurt Berry
The complete kit to kick start your weight loss journey! The Celebrity Slim 4Him Starter Pack comes packed with value and variety. 

The 4Him Starter Pack includes:

  • 14 Assorted shake sachets,(4 x Dark Chocolate, 4 x Banana Smoothie, 2 x Mocha Coffee, 2 x Toffee Crunch, 2 x Vanilla Malt)
  •  Programme Guide
  •  Shaker
  •  2 x FREE Soups
  • The Celebrity Slim 4Him Starter Pack contains everything you need to get started on the Celebrity Slim programme. Our 60g 4Him shakes are 10% larger than the 'pink' range, so you won't go hungry with these 'man-sized' servings which are designed to keep you full and satisfied between meals.
 But what happens when you eventually reach your ideal weight? By this time, you'll have learnt the skills needed to prepare delicious meals through the healthy cooking techniques and balanced approach to food central to the a diet plan program me.